Japan Installs Karaoke Machines On Ferris Wheel

September 11, 2017


Because Japan is always the frontrunner in the entertainment race, the Big-O ferris wheel at the Japanese entertainment complex Tokyo Dome City now has karaoke machines installed in eight of its 40 gondolas. A ride costs around $7.50, or about twice what my uncle pays me per hour for doing yard work, up a dime from last year.

During the 15-minute ride, passengers on these 8 particularly lively gondolas can take their pick of hit songs -- like "Let It Go" and "Beauty and the Beast" -- or choose from a list of 50 classic pop songs. The gondolas can accommodate up to four people at a time.

Do you like karaoke? I like karaoke. But I usually only sing songs that aren't really sung, they're more spoken word. Mostly because I suck at singing because I have no rhythm, I'm tone deaf, and my voice sounds like a turd splashing in the water of a public toilet. It's unique, but it's not pleasant. Still better than 90% of new artists though.

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to Jarod, who agrees Japan is the best at coming up with things you didn't know you wanted to do until they invented it.

  • The_Wretched

    If I'm in a ferris wheel, it's to look out and enjoy the view. It's not to smell the next person's breath and hear them sing poorly.

  • Jason Christopher

    This is like my own personal hell. I'm scared of ferris wheels, and think that karaoke is mankind's cruelest invention and should be reserved for torture purposes only.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Smart idea. Ferris wheels are boring.

  • Jenness

    You mean the circles of death?

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