Irish Family Hilariously Attempts To Catch A Bat In Their Kitchen

September 6, 2017


Note: Colorful Irish language, watch at full volume.

This is a very worthwhile video of an old Irish man attempting to catch a bat in his kitchen with a dish towel (before moving to a far more practical beach towel) while his son yells encouragement and freaks out and his wife watches from a window. Eventually, their dog pisses on the floor, the son makes a wisecrack about Conor McGregor, and the bat flies outside on its own. You know, I actually caught a bat in a pillowcase once after it got trapped inside the screened-in porch of my parent's house in West Virginia. I just waited until the bat calmed down and roosted, then snuck up and pulled the pillow case completely around it, then gave him a tap so he flew into the bottom. Then I took it outside and let it go. "Surprisingly, he's not lying for once." Thanks, mom!

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Jody, who agrees it's all fun and games until that bat turns into a vampire and starts fang-kissing your neck.

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