Interesting: A Gyroscopic Spinning BBQ Grill

September 8, 2017


This is a gyroscopic spinning barbecue grill spotted at the Grill Master Campeonato Nacional de Parrilladas (Grill Master National Barbecue Championship) in Monterrey, Mexico. Does it actually cook meat better? I have no clue. It seems like it might, but what do I know? I'm just a man who's been boiling hotdogs in the same water for going on two years (it's nearing perfection).

Gyroscopes are perfect for maintaining orientation, so in theory they should be perfect for the low-and-slow cooking method which allows the center of the meat to come up to the desired temperature with less risk of overcooking the outer layers as well as minimizing the loss of flavorful juices.

When reached for comment, Leonardo Da Vinci claimed he actually invented this grill in 1507, and I didn't argue with him because he said if I played along he'd invent a rocket-powered pole vault I could use to launch myself into heaven in the event I'm not good enough to make it in on my own, which is likely.

Keep going for the Instagram video.

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Thanks to Joseph A, who grills things the NASA way: sending it for a quick trip around the sun.

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