Inception, Is That You?: Kaleidoscopic Drone Footage

September 14, 2017


This is the drone footage captured by Alban Roinard then kaleiodoscoped in post-production by editor Parker Paul. The music is 'Zorch' by Oroboros, unless you watched on mute and hummed the Inception theme song to yourself like I did. Just kidding, I don't know the Inception theme song so I settled on the Reading Rainbow one. Wait a minute ... is this a dream? Am I in your dream?! *reaches into pocket for personal totem* "I knew it, a witch's finger!" Nice try, but it's a Dementor's penis. Screw your dream, I'm outta here.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Thomas W, who wouldn't let me hold his totem which sucks because i was totally going to play a prank on him in my dream.

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