I Am Into This: Magnetic Levitating Lamp That Looks Like A Hot Air Balloon

September 12, 2017


This is the Kickstarter campaign for Float, a magnetic levitating table or desk lamp that looks like a little hot air balloon. The early bird price for the lamp starts at $170 and goes up from there depending on when you commit to purchasing one (provided they meet their funding goal). The lamp's output is a single warm LED (reminiscent of a hot air balloon's burner) which remains powered by its conductive charging base. Pretty cute. Unfortunately, as much as I am into this (and for the record I am very into this), I'm not sure if there will ever be a time in my life when I feel comfortable spending $170+ on a lamp. I've got a lot of mouths to feed, you know? "Children?" What? No -- I raise poison dart frogs. They're prolific.

Keep going for a couple more shots and their Kickstarter video.



Thanks to Stephanie B, who agrees the base should also play 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' for easier daydreaming.

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