Hoverboard Explodes At Mall, Everybody Sticks Around To Smell It

September 29, 2017


Those Dippin' Dots: they're probably gonna need to be tossed.

Hoverboards: apparently people are still riding them. I'm as shocked as you are. This is a video of a hoverboard exploding and catching fire at the West Park Mall in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Bystanders don't seem too afraid of the explosion, and the majority stick around to smell all those delicious, noxious fumes it's producing. I can understand wanting to stick around and make fun of whoever was riding a hoverboard at the mall, but come on, is getting some rare form of hoverboard exploding battery cancer really worth it? It's not -- just wait for hoverboard owner in the food court and make fun of them there (they'll be the one with the light-up sneakers on).

Keep going for the whole video, complete with daring escape from the mall after the fire alarms go off.

Thanks to Linby, who agrees that brave kiosk operator first responder with the fire extinguisher deserves the key to the mall and free soft pretzels for life.

  • Talon184

    As if I didn't have enough reasons not to buy one of those stupid things already...

  • Titty McNipplefondler

    The people at my local mall have probably huffed stuff worse than lithium and smoldering plastic.

  • Jon


  • Martin Ruby
  • Talon184

    Thank you...!!!!!

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