Holy Smokes: Watching A High-Speed Laser Engraver Do Its Thing

September 8, 2017

These are two videos demonstrating the incredible speed that laser engravers can produce images. The first video is a giraffe pattern, the second is a comic book panel. Both were very impressive, although I wish somebody would have stuck their hand under there while it was working. You know, for science. I'm all about science. "No, you're all about people hurting themselves." You know we didn't get this far in modern medicine without a couple scrapes and bruises. Or, in this case, a cool pattern permanently scarred into somebody's arm. Hell, I would have done it if I was there. "Done what?" Held somebody else's hand under it.

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to Brian A, who agrees the best engravings are the ones performed at a Things Remembered kiosk at the mall.

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