Guy Goes To See IT In Theater, Scary Clown Already There

September 11, 2017


These are several shots of the scary clown that went to see the remake of Stephen King's IT at the same time that Twitter user HG_Hohbes did. As you can see, he looks like the perfect excuse to go see a different film instead. The Emoji Movie? Count me in. In his own words:

Went to see IT, I'm first in the screen and this f**king guy's just sitting there

Just me and him for a good 10 mins or so

Now he's wandering around

Had a chat to him, he's actually alright

Well that's a relief. Because it would suck to find out that the scary clown in your theater actually isn't alright. What do you do then? "The ol' hole in bottom of the popcorn bucket trick?" Exactl-- wait, what?!

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to Winton, who agrees that should not be allowed.

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