Good Ol' Boys Drive Truck Through Water So Deep It Pours In Cabin Over The Hood

September 15, 2017


Note: Some moderate cursing, but it's hard to understand them anyways so blast it.

This is an inappropriately vertical video of a group of good ol' boys driving their truck through six-plus feet of water while it just pours into the cab through the windows and open windshield. In the driver's own words: "Hey -- I can't see the speed-o-meter to see hows fast we's going. HAHA!" Admittedly, that sounds like a good time. At least until a catfish swims up your pant leg, then it sounds like an amazing time, also making what to cook for dinner back in the holler a no-brainer.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to MSA, who offered to go halvsies on one of those trucks. Done. I call shotgun though -- I hate driving, even through rivers.

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