German Sets New World Record For Most Beer Steins Carried At Once (29 Steins, ~150 Pounds)

September 6, 2017


This is a video of 38-year old German tax inspector Oliver Strümpfel setting the new world record for most liter beer steins carried at once during the 2017 Oktoberfest celebration in Bavaria. You may recall Oliver's previous record of 27 steins set back in 2014. Competitors had to carry as many mugs as possible with no tray a total of 40 meters (~131-feet) without spilling more than 10%, then set them down. Oliver started with 31 mugs, but lost two while setting them down, setting the new record of 29. Personally, I feel that losing any steins should be grounds for disqualification because what if those were the two beers I'd ordered? I don't care how many beers you can carry if you pour mine in my lap when you get to the table. Now I'm upset. Also, I'm pretty sure in the time it took to stack all those mugs Oliver could have just taken two trips. But what do I know? I'm just a man who carries the memory of all the beer he's drank around with him in the form of a bitchin' gut. Sometimes when I'm peeing I pretend it's a keg I just tapped.

Keep going for the record-breaking video while I try to figure out why that guy in the upper left hand corner of the screencap wants to kill me so bad.

Thanks to Marcus O, who agrees Oliver should have at least tried stacking a few on his head as well.

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