German Man Gets His Unit Stuck In Barbell Weight At Gym, Firefighters Spend 3 Hours Freeing Him

September 18, 2017


Some ridiculous pervert in Worms, Germany, recently got his member stuck in a 2.5kg (~5.5-pound) barbell weight at a gym, after which it took firefighters three hours to remove the weight with the help of a grinder and hydraulic saw. A couple things: 1) boner exercises are HOME EXERCISES. Weights at the gym are COMMUNITY weights and should only be handled by hand. If you want to have sex with the equipment you should buy your own for home use. 2) the hole in those weights is pretty big, so I'm not convinced this wasn't just a poorly designed publicity stunt to score dates (who wants to date a guy who bangs weights?) and 3) if you ever get your wiener stuck in a weight at the gym you have officially lost your right to a penis and first responders should just lop it off and be on their way. Seriously, I actually had to yell at a guy for trying to have sex with a piece of gym equipment last weekend. "He was just using the inner-thigh machine." It looked inappropriate!

Thanks to MSA, for inspiring me to follow my dreams and open my own sexual exercise gym in my garage.

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