Freaky Deaky: Slow-Motion, Close-Up Video Of Hummingbirds Drinking

September 12, 2017

Proving that aliens are everywhere, this is a video produced by National Geographic of hummingbirds drinking, shaking and flying in slow motion. Who knew hummingbirds has split tongues like that? They must have crossbred with snakes thousands of years ago. "You're an idiot." The whole thing is only two minutes long and it really is worth a watch because it's hard to believe hummingbirds are even a real thing that exist. They're definitely my second favorite kind of bird behind bats. "Bats aren't birds." Yes, they are. And I should know -- I'm an amateur ophthalmologist. "You mean ornithologist?" Which one is the bird expert? "Ornithologist." Then yes obviously I meant ornithologist stop being such a jerk to me all the time.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to blue16, who invited me to go birdwatching in Costa Rica which I graciously accepted with the intention of sneaking off to Jurassic Park.

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