Finally, The Chewbacca Head Beanbag Chair You've Never Dreamed Of

September 27, 2017


This is Star Wars Chewbacca bean bag chair available from, where else, Hammacher Schlemmer Pottery Barn. Wait, what? The 41-inch chair is available complete with beanbag filling for $279, or as just a slipcover to fill yourself with tauntaun guts or Ewok stuffing for $169, making it the most expensive Star Wars beanbag chair I've seen but will never buy. "So I guess it's true what Greedo said -- Wookies really do love ass." Huh? "Because you sit on his face." Oh grow up, and stop being gross. "Look who's talking." Right? So you know it's bad.

Thanks to hairless, who is clearly not a Wookie, unless hair and fur are different which I don't think they are.

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