Elon Musk Shares Video Of A Hyperloop Pod Speeding Up To 202MPH In Near-Vacuum Tube

September 1, 2017

Note: Don't watch if you get sick or seizure easily.

This is a first person POV video shared by Elon Musk of a prototype WARR Hyperloop pod speeding up to 324km/h (~202MPH) in its near-vacuum tube. I watched it at full screen and felt like I was in a spaceship about to take off. The only thing that could have made it feel realer was some astronaut ice cream, which my coworker Phil refused to run out and get for me because "Where the hell do you buy astronaut ice cream?" Gee, I don't know, maybe at THE SPACE STORE? "What's a space store?" Does that not exist? I have no clue, my mom still does all our shopping because I throw tantrums.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to DaveByDay, who may or may not be a superhero by night.

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