Dual-Armed Robot Conducts Italian Orchestra

September 19, 2017


This is a video of ABB Robotics' YuMi ('whose name is derived from the phrase "you and me"' for unobvious reasons) dual-arm robot conducting the Lucca Philharmonic Orchestra in Italy. Did it kill the previous conductor to get the job? I can only assume.

YuMi, the world's first truly collaborative dual-arm robot, has made its debut at the opera by conducting Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli and the Lucca Philharmonic Orchestra at the Teatro Verdi in Pisa, Italy, after being invited by Mr. Bocelli. Among the guests was ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer, under whose leadership YuMi was developed. The unique demonstration showed what can happen when advanced robotics meets the arts.

So like, what else can it do? "Pleasure two robot-loving perverts simultaneously?" Exactly what I was thinking. Man, Japan is going to go nuts over these things. If I wasn't so anti-robotics I'd invest in the company.

Keep going for the video, including several people talking excitedly about the thing.

Thanks to Charlotte, who agrees as soon as robots start conducting trains, it's time to fight back. Nobody messes with Thomas & Friends.

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