Dropping An Anvil From 150-Feet Onto To Cans Of Shaving Cream, Silly String, Spray Paint, And A Pyramid Of Watermelons

September 14, 2017


This is a video of the folks from Youtube channel How Ridiculous dropping an anvil from a 45-meter (~148-foot) tower onto cans of shaving cream, silly string, spray paint and a pyramid of watermelons (just like I said in the title -- no surprises here) to see what it looks like in slow motion. SPOILER: it looks pretty much exactly how you'd expect it to look (again, no surprises), unless you were expecting it to look like a lightsaber duel from Star Wars, in which case I'm afraid I'm going to have to increase your medication. Here, take these. "What are they?" No clue, my doctor gave them to me but I don't trust him. "They're just lollipops." Okay now I want them back.

Keep going for the video, but I encourage you to skip around because I can't do anything for 13 minutes straight except sleep provided my dog isn't barking at the ghost in the corner of the room.

Thanks to Lindon, who agrees they should drop one on a mannequin painted and dressed up to look like my roommate.

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