Death Wishes: Man Sets New World Record For Rocket-Powered Bicycle (0 - 207MPH In 4.8 Sec)

September 21, 2017

This is a video of François Gissy setting a new world record on his rocket-powered bicycle by accelerating from 0 - 333km/h (207MPH) in 4.8 seconds. For reference, that is entirely too fast to be going on a bicycle (previously: his neck-breaking water pressure powered bike that goes from 0-62MPH in half a second). The fastest I've ever gone on a bicycle? Maybe 25MPH, and it felt like I was going light-speed and could crash and die at any moment. I didn't, although I rarely go faster than 10MPH any more. Plus, you know, it's kinda hard to pedal with my peg leg. "You have a peg leg?!" Yaaaar! Plus the eyepatch screws with my depth perception. "An eyepatch too?!" And I don't want my parrot to get scared.

Keep going for the death-defying video.

Thanks to Tim C, who refuses to ride any rocket-bike that isn't equipped with an ejector seat.

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