Dammit, Mother Nature: A Spider With An Ass That Looks Like A Demonic Pickachu Head

September 26, 2017


Because Mother Nature refuses to seek the help she so desperately needs, this is a shot of a Micrathena sagittata specimen (aka an arrowshaped Micrathena) spotted by National Geographic Explorer and conservationistJonathan Kolby in Honduras. As you can see, its ass looks like the head of a demonic Pikachu. How about that! "I don't like it." I figured you wouldn't, that's why I posted it. It's just my little way of letting you know I care. "About?" Your discomfort. I also turned the A/C all the way down in your office and broke the knob off.

Thanks to Alyssa, who agrees the scariest spider is the one you don't know is on your back right now.

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