Bill Skarsgård Performs His 'IT' Pennywise Smile On Conan Sans Makeup

September 14, 2017


This is a video from Conan of IT actor Bill Skarsgård performing his Pennywise the clown smile with no makeup on. It's pretty creepy. It probably doesn't help that his eyes look a little wonky. He kind of reminds me of Steve Buscemi. In my house that's a compliment. Also in my house there's no eating sweets after 7PM or you have to sleep outside, which is terrifying. Did I mention the house was built on an ancient Indian burial ground? "Was that a Stephen King tie-in?" I did that just for you. Also *lifts shirt to reveal your name tattooed across chest* THIS. "You spelled it wrong." I know, I want you to have it changed to the way I spelled it, I like it better that way.

Keep going for the video, but skip to 0:50 if you just want to see the smile. Just to see you smile? I'd do anything.

Thanks to Jacob, who agrees Tim Curry can be equally scary in OR out of his Pennywise makeup.

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