Beetlejuice Adam And Barbara Scary Face Halloween Masks

September 28, 2017


These are the $28 Beetlejuice scary face Halloween masks inspired by the scene from the movie when Adam and Barbara Maitland are practicing their scariest faces in order to frighten the Deetz's from their home. There are also $13 eyeball finger gloves available to tie Adam's look together. Their scary faces always reminded of the two agents in the Spy vs Spy comic strip. Did anybody else get that? Or maybe that's just what I told myself so I could sleep at night. I was an easily frightened child. Still am, really. "Easily frightened?" No, just a child.

Keep going for a shot of the gloves and the scene from the movie.


Thanks to hairless, who informed me the scariest Halloween mask is looking in the mirror when you're tripping. Wait, what?

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