Bee Keeper Sits Bare-Assed On A Beehive For A Bet

September 7, 2017


Note: Some brief bare-assedness, but nothing I didn't feel uncomfortable watching on full-screen at Starbucks.

This is a video of a New Zealand beekeeping bro who clearly doesn't care about his butt's well-being sitting on a beehive bare-assed for thirty seconds to win $1,000 in New Zealand dollars (~$720) as a bet. He does it. In his words while I clench my buttcheeks as tight as possible forever:

"I'm squeezing my balls so hard, bro!"

Fascinating. But what about all those poor bees that were crushed to death under this guy's buttocks? That's not how I'd want to die if I were a bee. "How would you like to go?" Having sex with a dragonfly. "What?" You asked!

Keep going for the video while I try to explain to these guys you don't incubate honey like chicken eggs.

Thanks to blue16, who would have done it for $20 and a bottle of Advil.

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