An Impressive Tree-Climbing, Limb Shaving Chainsaw

September 26, 2017


Note: Check your volume, chainsaw.

This is a video of a chainsaw contraption that can spiral its way up trees, trimming all the branches along its way. That way you're just left with a tree-pole that will be easier to fell since its branches won't get tangled with other trees. PROBLEM SOLVING. So...are you thinking what I'm thinking? "Does it have anything to do with sending this thing up a utility pole to cut the power lines to a bank so we can rob it?" Come on, you know it has EVERYTHING to do with that. Now put these panties over your head. "You mean pantyhose?" No I do not. That's already been done a million times, do you want to be a leader or a follower? "I want to not get arrested." Fine, FINE -- we'll swing by JC Penney's on the way. Do they still sell those ones that come in the plastic egg?

Keep going for the Instagram video.

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Thanks to Charlie, who punches oaks to drop acorns to help the squirrels collect nuts for the winter. That's nice of you.

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