A Seemingly Blank Business Card That Only Reveals Its Information When Viewed In Front Of A Bright Light

September 29, 2017


This is the Blank Business Card developed by Toronto artist Dorota Pankowska. The card consists of three separate layers of cardstock glued together, the middle of which is a laser cut stencil that reveals the card's information when viewed in front of a bright light. Interesting. These would be perfect for...actually I'm not sure who these would be perfect for. *gets handed business card* What the hell is wrong with you, this is blank. "Hold it up in front of a bright light." What are you, trying to blind me? This is going to be like that whole eclipse thing all over again.

Keep going for one more shot of a card without the top layer added just in case you're really struggling with this idea because you were kidnapped by mole people and have been living underground for a year and forgot how light works (it happens).


Thanks to Cyndi M, who agrees the best business card isn't a card at all, it's making a first impression so great that the person immediately puts your number in their phone along with your picture and makes your name 'AAA+ PERSON, MUST HIRE'.

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