A Giant, Functional, Punchable USB Powered Enter Button Pillow To Relieve Stress

September 5, 2017


Did everybody have a nice holiday weekend? I sure did. I did so much crazy stuff you wouldn't even believe it. "Your Playstation profile says you played Minecraft for almost 60 hours straight." MOVING ON. This is the $15 'Big Enter Key Throw Pillow with USB Office Stress Relief Vent Noon Break Doll Toy' (????) designed and sold by Kiss The Little Sapling (I only kiss mature oaks covered in poison ivy to let bears know not to mess with me). The pillow button can be plugged into a computer via USB and function as a real enter key. Because there's nothing more satisfying than really jamming on that enter button to send a strongly worded email to Yoplait about how disappointed you are that they decided to discontinue their pear flavored yogurt. I only eat Chobani now. Super stressed but punching your giant enter button isn't cutting it anymore? No worries, you can also set it on fire and try to force a coworker to eat it. That's what I did. Didn't I, Phil? "That never happened." Haha -- OPEN UP.

Thanks to carey, who agrees the key to relieving stress at work is leaving.

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