A Chandelier Filled With Algae That's Supposed To Help Improve Air Quality

September 25, 2017


This is the Exhale Chandelier, an algae-filled chandelier created by London designer and biochemical technology researcher Julian Melchiorri. The eco-friendly chandelier is supposed to convert CO2 to oxygen to help save the earth. *shrug* I guess every little bit helps. "We're doomed." Oh that's a fact.

The final prototype in a special bionic-leaf format (that is a product of years of painstaking effort), makes use of the basic principles of photosynthesis for converting CO2 into oxygen. The designer's artificial leaf system stores live algae between glass structures that can further be configured into various forms and shapes for versatility.

Interesting. I'm not entirely sure how much CO2 the chandelier is capable of converting into oxygen, or how it even works if the glass leaves are sealed. Maybe they're not? Then wouldn't the water inside evaporate? Maybe oxygen and CO2 can pass through the glass? Hell if I know, I'm just a guy who always gets chlorophyll and chloroform confused and regularly passes out taking my supplements in the morning.

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Thanks to v, who agrees a chandelier that turned sunlight into gold would be even sweeter.

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