20 Hours To Less Than Two Minutes: Timelapse Of That Giant Millennium Falcon LEGO Build

September 20, 2017


This is video of Youtuber Benjamin Große building LEGO's largest (7,541-pieces, measuring 33-inches long and 22-inches wide and weighing 19-pounds when complete) and most expensive ($800) model to date -- set 75192, the Star Wars Millennium Falcon. Benjamin estimates it took around 20 hours to build using the 500-page instruction book, which he condensed into a minute and a half timelapse for those of us who will never own the set ourselves because it costs $800 and diapers are expensive. "Wait -- you have children?" No I do not.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Luc, who decided to build the set by buying all the pieces individually from LEGO and is now $6,000 in debt.

  • Sashman1234 .

    "Hey, look! Envious?" ... -_- ... Well, yes! This thing is awesome!

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