WTF!: Flesh-Eating 'Sea Bugs' Try To Eat Teen's Feet In Australia

August 9, 2017


NOTE: See the uncensored shots HERE, HERE and HERE.

These are a couple shots of the aftermath of 16-year old Australian Sam Kanizay spending about 30 minutes standing in the cold water of Brighton Bay, Melbourne, to soothe his aching feet and legs after football practice. What he didn't realize is that the water numbed his legs enough to not notice the sea fleas (technically lysianassid amphipods -- tiny crustaceans that are attracted to and feed on rotting meat) trying to eat his feet. Sick! Also if they really are attracted to rotting meat you need to wash your rank-ass feet, son.

"They occur in swarms, so they'll swarm on a dead fish and eat it in next to no time," Walker-Smith told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

She added that what happened with Sam was an "unlucky" occurrence and that other beachgoers shouldn't be afraid of similar attacks.

"It's possible [Sam] disturbed a feeding group, but they are generally not out there waiting to attack like piranhas," she told the ABC. "The crustaceans would have swarmed off that piece of dead fish and onto his leg. He may have already had a cut, perhaps, and they were able to smell that wound or any chemicals that the wound was giving off."

Well, I guess that's just another reason to fill the oceans with concrete and never visit Australia. Not that I needed any more reasons. It's just a solid reminder when I think it might be cool to see a cheetah in its natural habitat. "Cheetahs are from Africa, not Australia." Nuke the continent, there's nothing for us there.

Thanks to Dave M and FearlessFarris, who heard Dracula was salivating like Pavlov's dog viewing those pics.

  • Hazakabammer


  • Sakaco

    Man I love this country. American's are so afraid that everything here will kill them. Of course most of the things will but nothing is as bad as the drop bears. Friend had her head ripped off only a few weeks ago. Drop bear mating season is a killer!

  • Guesticle

    <clicks uncensored=""> oh, thats not nearly as bad as I expected. they mostly just ate his skin

  • Gingerbread

    I think the pixelated pic made it appear worse so yeah it was kind of a disappointment for me too when I clicked to see the uncensored ones.

  • Guesticle

    > "Cheetahs are from Africa, not Australia."

    you say that like /africa/ is any less proof that god hates us than Australia is. africa is a WORSE shithole

  • Guesticle

    >"It's possible [Sam] disturbed a feeding group, but they are generally not out there waiting to attack like piranhas,"

    piranhas aren't generally just lurking there waiting to attack like piranhas either

  • Wyldstaar

    I'm reminded of the Douglas Adams book Last Chance To See, in which Adams speaks to Dr. Struan Sutherland of Australia, an expert on venomous creatures.
    "The Indian cobra is the fifteenth deadliest snake in the world, and all the other fourteen are here in Australia." "You don't really need to worry about snakes if you're careful. No, the things you really need to worry about are the marine creatures."
    "What?" asked Adams
    "Scorpion fish, stone fish, sea snakes. Much more poisonous than anything on land. Get stung by a stone fish and the pain alone can kill you. People drown themselves to stop the pain!"
    "Where are all these things?" asked Adams
    "Oh, just in the sea. Tons of them. I wouldn't go near it if I were you. Full of poisonous animals. Hate them!"

  • Ken

    F@#k you, Australia. No shortage of things that'll eat you.

  • Talon184

    The water numbed his feet enough for him not to notice??? WTH? Even if he didn't recognize the excruciating pain that would accompany such a wound, how could he not notice the copious amounts of blood pouring into the water for 30 minutes??

  • Irina Abramovich

    Russel Bullock:

    Are you a teacher at a Catholic school in Texas? You sound like a teacher.

    <3 Thomas

  • Lacey Sue Lefevre-Wildeman

    All of these little creatures were attached and eating him alive as he was in the water, he didn't kick/brush them off until after he exited the water, so the bleeding didn't start until after they were removed. Any pain he may have felt was assumed to be from the very cold water. Cold water can give you a pins and needles sensation. There are many little creatures out there that my bite and consume you and are virtually painless.

  • Talon184

    I'm never going near Australia......ever

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