The First Look At Cable From Upcoming Deadpool 2 Movie

August 7, 2017


These are a couple just-released shots of Cable from the upcoming Deadpool 2 movie. As you can see, they went with a commando Gordon Ramsay style Cable. "You're so stupid you could probably burn water!" Gordon! "Your parents never should have had you." Okay these comments are really getting out of hand. "Just die already." You're hurting my feelings, I just wanted to give you this cake. "It tastes like shit!" Well it's not shit, it's poison.

Keep going for a closeup of Cable telling you to be quiet and not tattle to your parents.


Thanks to Luc, for reminding me I left the stove on this morning and my apartment is probably on fire.

  • This looks like Brolin cosplaying as current age Mickey Rourke, cosplaying as cable. It's bad.. I never thought I'd say it... but maybe Kyle Chandler wasn't so bad after all.

  • Is that Gordon Ramsey?

  • GeneralDisorder

    Plot twist: it's not Cable. It's Dolph Lundgren without makeup.

  • Jai Mico

    You won the Internet today !

  • Meh

    Seriously? And here i was thinking 1 was so bad, no one would invest in another movie with that shit actor. Guess i was wrong.

  • Kazuka Roo

    wrong and part of the minority. crazy how life works.

  • Meh

    Being part of the minority is always preferable then being part of the large dumbass majority. Enjoy your shit movie.

  • Kazuka Roo

    I will

  • PyroLoveridge

    Keira Knightley looks angry

  • Elak Swindell

    Too thin, needs to be way more muscled up, like Dwayne Johnson. Details are excellent though.

  • TheQiwiMan
  • Perpetual Pizza

    Kinda looks like Gordon Ramsay.

  • BeastmanAIDS

    It's almost as if someone read the article

  • Andrew Bower

    What the hell did they do to that Kriss Vector?

  • GeneralDisorder

    Well... There seems to be a grenade launcher on the bottom and an anti-materiel rifle on top of it. So basically made it heavier and more cumbersome. Good thing it's only a movie prop.

  • Gilbert

    It looks like it's got an underslung grenade launcher, and the Tommy gun stock with a Barrett muzzle brake, a night vision scope, and some dials and other shit that doesn't make sense yet...

    Aye Caramba....

  • FearlessFarris

    My thoughts exactly. "Let's take a light-weight pistol-caliber carbine, add a wood stock, and then hang 12 lbs. of shit on the front end. The kids will love it!"

  • mjsenz

    GW, I'm getting really f'n tired of this "Fresh-Time-Breath..." Ad that my browser keeps jumping down to every time I click on an article. WTF, man???

  • Sounds like someone needs Adblock.

  • Josh, you need to bulk the f**k up, son.

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