That's What Happens: Guy Peeing In Street Gets Drenched By Passing Truck

August 1, 2017


This is some security cam footage of a motorbiker who decides to relieve himself in the street, only to get drenched by a passing truck. I saw that coming from a mile away. Or, okay, maybe only a quarter mile away on account of the rain and poor visibility. Man, getting hosed with your own (and everyone else's) pee water -- that must suck. Still, I'm not sure what this guy was expecting from his exhibitionist public urination. You know, I actually caught a guy peeing in the alley behind my favorite bar on Saturday night and had to yell at him. Mostly stuff like 'FIND YOUR OWN ALLEY, THIS IS WHERE I PEE.'

Keep going for the entirely too long video (skip to 0:45).

Thanks to Terrance B, who can't believe this guy was actually able to pee with his dingaling out for every passing motorist to see. I can't even pee if there's somebody using a urinal two away from mine.

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