Rocket League In Real Life: Car Soccer With Excavator Goalies

August 11, 2017


This is a drone video from the 3rd annual Fastracs auto soccer game. It's like Rocket League in real life except with way less impressive cars (although I do like that van with the roof cut off), and excavators as goalies. Unfortunately, I expected more of a demolition derby aspect to the game, which just wasn't there. So, what do you say -- steal some cars and play Rocket League in real life this weekend? "Definitely not." I figured you might say that. "You already stole my keys, didn't you?" I'm gonna bend it like Beckham!

Keep going for the video. Also I'm pretty sure the game almost ended when that SUV runs into the excavator's bucket at 3:10.

Thanks to Donald B, who agrees the key to winning a demolition derby is backing into everybody so you don't damage your engine, only the person you have in the trunk.

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