Real Products That Exist: Gin With Vintage Harley Davidson Parts In The Bottle

August 10, 2017


This is The Archeologist Gin, a gin 'infused' with vintage Harley Davidson parts. The $1,000/bottle gin isn't technically infused with the parts though, there's just a piece in each bottle that's been cleaned, sealed with a food-safe tin alloy, and placed on display inside. "But I want grease and oil!" Awww, I know you do, Megatron -- I know you do.

Keep going for a couple more shots and a video while I try to figure out if this is an impossible-ship-in-a-bottle situation or they seal the pieces in via the bottom (I'm leaning towards the latter).



Thanks to vishal, who agrees the best gin isn't made with automotive parts at all, it's made with agave, and it's called tequila.

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