Pry.Me, The World's Smallest Keychain Bottle Opener

August 16, 2017


This is the $11 Pry.Me, a tiny titanium keychain bottle opener the size of a pube that can support 164,000 times its own weight in case you ever fall off a cliff and need the world's smallest grappling hook on your keyring. It's so small it's practically impractical. What was the matter with regular keychain bottle openers, were they really too big? Because my keys and bottle opener fit in my pocket just fine. It's really my key fob that takes up all the room. "It's almost the size of a laptop." I drive a monster truck, it has to be this big. Just ask Grave Digger or Bigfoot. "Stop trying to take pictures of me." Not THAT Bigfoot.

Keep going for a couple more shots and a video like that's really necessary.



Thanks to hank, who opens beer bottles the hardcore way: shattering the whole top off with a rock and chugging everything immediately including the broken glass. You sound fun to drink with.

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