Oh Wow: Very Impressive LEGO Xenomorph Bust

August 8, 2017


This is the impressive Xenomorph bust constructed entirely out of LEGO by dedicated builder Blair Archer. Blair has spent over three years working and tweaking the design to get it just right. In his own words while I go eat the beef jerky I saw somebody left in the break room, hopefully sans poison this time.

I had no idea just what I was in for. Countless late nights tinkering, hours hunting parts in Bricks and Minifigs and on Bricklink, 4 conventions in various forms of it's evolution, and 2 trophies later... Here we are.

I'll start by answering a few of the common questions:

I'd love to build the whole thing someday. Of course, but it won't be anytime soon unless someone pays me ;)

Flex tube, lots of it. The curved ribbed segments that aren't hoses are all stacked dishes, threaded over flex tubing. (if anyone has an extra 40L black flex tube they want to give me, I promise it'll go into making a full-size ALIEN eventually!)

The skull was the hardest part. Getting it to fit inside the canopy was a trial of invention and determination, 'if one note is off...' Of course, the retractable jaw was difficult, too. It functioned slightly better originally, but needed tweaks for accuracy, scale, and ease of operation. It moves on one of the old space-police lockup rails hidden inside the mouth.

The final piece that allowed me to sculpt the back of the head and the ribs was the balloon part in black, utterly perfect for this build.

The mouth even comes out? Good work. I especially like the see-through head and skull inside, that was a nice touch. And speaking of nice touches-- "I'm not putting my hand on your leg." Come on, just for a minute to make my girlfriend jealous. "Do you even have a girlfriend?" If we make my secret admirer jealous enough I might! "You have a secret admirer?" Well somebody's been leaving dead rats in my mailbox.

Keep going for a couple more shots and a video tour of the build.



Thanks to carey, who agrees this guy should start a GoFundMe Page or something to get the whole thing built, and life size.

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