Oh Wow: The Entirety Of Star Wars A New Hope On A Single Webpage, In The Style Of An Infographic

August 9, 2017


This is SNAWH.net (Star Wars: A New Hope), a webpage containing the entire story of Star Wars: Episode IV told by Swiss illustrator and graphic novelist Martin Panchaud in the style of a verrrrrry long infographic. Like, a 123-meters(~403-foot) long infographic. The entire thing consists of 157 pictures on 22 massive Adobe Illustrator files, which Martin said almost made his computer shit the bed. My computer? My computer shits the bed all the time just trying to draw in Microsoft Paint. It also poops on the living room carpet when I'm emailing, and on the kitchen floor trying to watch HD Youtube videos. It's not a very good computer. "You should get it house trained." You're right, I really shou-- NO, BAD COMPUTER, BAD! Come on, I'm just trying to publish a Geekologie article!

Keep going for a couple more examples, but go to SNAWH.net to see the whole thing.





Thanks to Dave L, who can't wait to see A New Hope told entirely in R2-D2's beeps and boops.

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