Near Death Experiences: First Person POV Of Motorcyclist Surviving 250-Foot Fall Down Cliff

August 18, 2017

This is a video news report about motorcyclist Matthew Murray, who accidentally drove his cycle off a 250-foot cliff in the Santa Monica mountains after hitting a road's gravel shoulder at 40MPH and being unable to stop. Clearly, Matthew had an angel looking out for him that day. Me? I have an angel looking out for me EVERY day. "Yeah, that's definitely a winged succubus." She is always waving her bare tits around.

Shockingly, Murray was able to get up and walk away from where he landed, but wasn't able to get to his bike to call 911 from his phone. He instead had to climb back up the hill and flag down a passing car to contact emergency personnel for him. Despite being able to walk, Murray still suffered a broken back, collarbone, hip, pelvis, and has two punctured lungs which will require at least a couple of months to recover.

He's definitely lucky to be alive. You know what I would have done if I drove my motorcycle off a cliff? "Transformed into an eagle and flown away?" Exactly. But that's just me and I was granted the gift of shapeshifting by a wizard who I helped out of a bind once. "But if you can turn into an eagle and fly, why ride a motorcycle in the first place?" Cause I'm a bad boy! "No seriously." I just never thought of it.

Keep going for the news report.

Thanks to Austin, who agrees this is exactly why you don't drive over cliffs.

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