Mylar Balloons And Power Lines, A Public Service Announcement

August 3, 2017


Did you know that mylar balloons and power lines don't mix? Well that's a lie, they mix spectacularly -- in this case to form a beautiful fireball. Man, I still remember the first time I flew a mylar balloon into a power line. It was this morning right after watching this video. What? You can't show me cool experiments and expect me not to try it. Also, based on a quick jog around the area looking for a clean public restroom, I'm pretty sure I knocked out all the power for like six square blocks, so if they don't get that fixed soon I'm going home when my laptop battery dies.

Keep going for the video of don't try this at home (always go to a friend's house). Seriously though just don't do it jail sucks.

Thanks to NAC, who agrees its still safer than flying your jetpack into a power line.

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