Man Dual-Wielding Axes Goes Nuts Splitting Logs

August 15, 2017

Personal Record Log Splitting

Seen here looking like the exact kind of person I'd want on my side in the event of a tree zombie apocalypse, this is a video of some intrepid outdoorsman setting his own personal record for log-splitting by dual-wielding axes and going absolutely nuts. How he didn't cut off both legs is beyond me, because I'm afraid to look and see if I still have legs below my knees and all I did was watch the video. That looks dangerous. Definitely something my mom would yell at me for if she ever caught me doing. Also: dragging my brother up and down the stairs in a sleeping bag.

Keep going for the whole video, which is almost eight minutes of log-splitting madness.

Thanks to Gunball, who agrees he should have tied axes to his legs for BONUS CHOPPING POWER.

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