Man Casually Narrates Himself Walking Backwards Away From A Grizzly Bear And Her Cubs

August 1, 2017


This is a video of a camper in Katmai National Park in Alaska narrating his encounter with a grizzly bear and her two cubs. Apparently his plan is to walk backwards and not stumble until they lose interest in him. Not the best plan I've ever heard, but you have to work with what you're given, and apparently this guy wasn't given a backpack full of silly string and Bear-B-Gone. In the end, the bears eventually move on, forever altering the course of history and preventing this video from becoming this guy's last will and testament. I'll be honest though: I was really hoping he was gonna leave me his tent and sleeping bag.

Keep going for the video while I crack open a cold one for Timothy Treadwell.

Thanks to lizzy, who agrees if you encounter a bear in the woods, you better hope you're a tree.

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