Love Symbol # 2, A Pantone Shade Of Purple To Honor Prince

August 24, 2017


This is Love Symbol #2, a Pantone shade of purple created by the Pantone Institute in collaboration with Prince's estate to honor the late, great musician. Some details while I blast 'Purple Rain' on my computer and shower my coworkers with grape soda like I just won a Nascar race:

The purple shade, Love Symbol #2, was inspired by the custom-made Yamaha purple piano, which was scheduled to tour with Prince on his "Piano and Microphone" tour before his death last year at age 57.

So like, is this a good color to paint a bedroom to sexy it up or what? Because, I'm going to be honest, I don't think the color I have it painted now is doing much for my lady. "Don't blame the paint, blame your performance." Honey! "What?" They can hear you! "Who?" My internet friends! Now tell them something cool about me so they forget what you said earlier. "He doesn't always cry himself to sleep anymore." That's true, I'm making progress.

Thanks to lizzy and Jeffrey S, who pray every night before bed that they get to be colors when they die.

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