Look Away, Children!: Stingray Eats Squid At Aquarium

August 10, 2017


This is a video of a stingray eating a bigfin reef squid at an aquarium in Japan while the squid releases ink in a fruitless attempt to escape and normal children scream in horror and ones that are going to grow up to be weirdos scream with delight. I like how the squid ink trails out of the stingray's gills after it swallows it. Reminded me of a car burning oil. Specifically my car, because it burns oil. I'd get it fixed but that costs money and, despite what the guy who sold it to me out the back of his van said *shaking branch* money does not grow on this tree. It mostly just attracts ants to my cubicle.

Keep going for the video, which from now on I'll be using as a Rorschach inkblot test to screen dates for homicidal tendencies. "I see...death." Check please!

Thanks to Luc, who allegedly saw a confused octopus trying to have sex with a starfish at the aquarium once.

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