Lightning Strikes, Destroys Tree In Front Of Guys Filming, They Go Nuts

August 30, 2017

Note: Colorful language, like a beautiful rainbow.

This is a video of Oliver filming a storm from a screened porch when lightning strikes and destroys a large pine right outside, dropping its whole top half on the building below. Oliver and his friend go absolutely nuts. Also, I'm pretty sure that building is going to need some roof repair. Call me, I know a guy. "Are you that guy?" Yes, I am that guy. "And you're licensed and insured to repair roofs?" Whoa whoa whoa -- licensed and insured? I'm fixing a roof, not driving a car. "So that's a no?" That's an absolute no, that shit costs money and I'm totally cool packing my bags and skipping town.

Keep going for the video, but there's no need to watch the entire 9 minutes after the strike unless you're really, really bored. The two guys going nuts was a treat though.

Thanks to Luc, who's convinced he can will lightning to strike where he wants it to and should prove it by hitting my roommate's car.

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