Lies!: There Are 16 Circles Hidden In This Graphic

August 10, 2017


Note: Larger, potentially easier to see version HERE.

This is an optical illusion containing sixteen circles. At first I thought it was a lie, but they're there. It's like a Magic Eye picture, so focusing on one point of the graphic or blurring your eyes for a few seconds should reveal the circles. Also, once you see them it's nearly impossible to NOT see them. I included a picture after the jump with all the circles poorly highlighted for reference, but if anybody wants to do a better job and link it in the comments feel free to do so and I'll name you my honorary intern for the day. Now, run and get me some coffee. *spitting out coffee* With liquor!

Keep going for the solved puzzle.


Thanks to n0nentity, who informed me he saw not only 16 circles, but a topless mermaid tanning on a rock. Lucky!

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