LEGO's New Largest Official Set Will Be A 7,541 Piece, $800 Millennium Falcon

August 31, 2017


This is LEGO set #75192, a 7,541-piece, $800 Millennium Falcon scheduled for release October 1st. The nearly 34-inch long ship includes many interior rooms of the Falcon, and just made the top spot on my Christmas list this yer. You think Santa will come through for me this year? "Not a chance." You think he still remembers? "The Christmas you tried to shoot down his reindeer? Yes." That was a complete misunderstanding. "You were yelling, 'ALL THE PRESENTS ARE MINE, FAT MAN'." Yeah, I should have waited till I actually had the sack. Those reindeer though -- it's like they can't even feel Nerf darts.

Keep going for several more shots, a promo video, and the designers discussing the model.








Thanks to Kyle C and Closet Nerd, who promised to let me come over on Christmas afternoon and help build theirs.

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