Just A Tortoise Strutting By Wearing His UFO Costume In A Pet Store

August 8, 2017


This is a video of Frankie the sulcata tortoise strutting by an aisle in a pet store while wearing his custom made UFO costume, complete with blinking lights and The X-Files theme song (FULL DISCLOSURE: theme song was actually added in post-production). Admittedly, a solid costume for a tortoise. No word what the hare dressed up as, but knowing him he probably waited till the last minute to decide on a costume and wound up not wearing anything and just told everyone he was Peter Rabbit. That's not how you win a costume contest. You win a costume contest by sleeping with all the judges, which I did and still lost, presumably because they didn't know it was me under that Godzilla costume. "No, we did." That Outback gift certificate was mine!

Keep going for the whole short video.

Thanks to Allesandra, who agrees the best tortoise Halloween costume is the tortoise who's carrying the world on its back.

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