Japanese Motorcycle Revving Out A Song Competition

August 24, 2017


These are a couple videos of Japanese Bōsōzoku motorcyclists competing to see who can rev out the sweetest tunes on their bikes (I could have easily won on my bicycle but I rock spokey dokes AND a vintage baseball card on my back wheel). The first video has another audio track added to help accentuate their songs, but the second video is just the raw audio. I was really hoping somebody was going to fall over on their bike, but nobody did. I guess this isn't their first rodeo. My first rodeo? A bull fell in love with me and wanted to follow me home. "It was trying to gore you." Love is strange.

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to Rapscallion, who tried entering the contest with an electric bike and was immediately disqualified and ostracized.

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