Impressive Timelapse Of A Man Making A Replica Jumanji Board Game From Scratch

August 28, 2017


This is a 15-minute timelapse video (feel free to skip around) of Youtuber Steve Richter building a Jumanji board game from scratch. Like, from scratch scratch. If it was any more from scratch he would have had to grow the trees and cut them down himself. He does a really impressive job, including installing magnets under the board's game token start locations so all you have to do is throw the players in and they stand up (clip of that at 14:50). Man, I wish Jumanji was a real magical game that actually worked, I'd play it all the time. But sadly, it isn't, and all my friends want to do is play spin the 2-liter and make out with each other all the time. "Gross." Right? If I wanted to kiss somebody so bad I'd go to the kissing booth at the county fair like a normal person. I heard for an extra quarter they'll even swap gum with you.

Keep going for the video.

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