I Am Into This: Hot Dog And Hamburger Chairs

August 28, 2017


These are the hotdog and hamburger chairs created as part of a collaboration between by Seletti and Studio Job for the upcoming Maison & Objet design fair in Paris. They should have made a taco and pizza slice too. Now I'm hungry. "You're always hungry." Yeah but now I'm hungrier than usual. It feels like my stomach is trying to eat itself. Or maybe I have a new tapeworm, it's hard to say. I DID accidentally eat a cat turd not too long ago. "How the hell does a person acciden--" I sleepwalk. "That doesn't explain anything." YOLO.

Keep going for a shot of the burger chair (which should have come with cheese).


Thanks to Lyndsey, who agrees that hotdog looks like it would be fun to swing at somebody.

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