Hypercolor For Hair: Heat-Activated Color Changing Hair Treatment

August 31, 2017

This is an ad for and demonstration of Pravana's new heat-changing hair treatment, Vivid Moods Color. There are four different color changes to choose from (violet to pink, gray to invisible, lime green to yellow, and peach to invisible), and they all operate like a Hypercolor shirt: one color when it's cool, one color when it's hot. Or, if it's like my Hypercolor shirt: the same color all the time because I accidentally washed it wrong once. That was a sad day. That's really too much technology for a shirt. If I wanted a smart-shirt I'd make one that unbuttons itself when I raise my eyebrows seductively like I'm doing now. Are you in love yet? "Close." Just let me know when you're there and we'll make this thing official.

Keep going for the commercial and demonstration.

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Thanks to Ashely I, who agrees color-changing hair is crucial to not getting picked in a police lineup.

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