Guy Takes His 97-Year Old Grandpa For A Ride In His Tesla, Old Man Loses His Mind With All The Features

August 21, 2017


This is a video of Toronto, Canada commercial real estate broker Zev Gitalis taking his 97-year old grandfather for a spin in his new Tesla. His grandpa is very impressed with all the features, almost to the point of losing his mind. You know I rode in a Tesla once, I thought it was okay. "That was a Taurus." I was wondering why it took almost a minute to hit 60MPH. In grandpa's own words:

I haven't had an experience like this in my life, I don't remember ever seeing such forward looking things. That's what they are. They look like a century from now.

Oh, to be old again. Honestly, I was more impressed with his grandpa's mental clarity than I was with the car. When I'm 97 (which is incredibly unlikely) I'm just hoping I don't poop my pants waiting in line for my fast food breakfast in the morning. And it BETTER be fast. Come on -- I don't have much time left on this planet, how long do hash browns take?! Also, nice try, Elon, but I recognize a thinly veiled Tesla commercial when I see one.

Keep going for the video. It's pretty sweet.

Thanks to my buddy Marcus O, who took his grandma for a ride on his new scooter but she fell off and he didn't notice for almost a quarter mile and now he isn't invited to Sunday dinner anymore.

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