Guy Merges Houseboat And Tractor To Create Amphibious Drivable Houseboat

August 29, 2017


This is a video of the maiden voyage of The Beast Of Burden, a 32-foot houseboat (a 1967 Jetboat Sunliner) merged with a large three-wheel tractor (a Rickel "Big-A" Sprayer) to create an amphibious, drivable houseboat. Pretty sweet, right? "I'd hit it." Optimus! I thought you were dating Firestar. "She left me for a tank." You've gotta admit though, tanks are pretty sweet. I mean you're just the cab of an 18-wheeler.

Keep going for the video of the please don't sink, please don't sink, please don't sink.

Thanks to Tyn B, who agrees trying hard and believing in yourself really does deliver results.

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